Metepenagiag Heritage Park

Many New Brunswickers believe that in order to have a deep, cultural experience, we need to pack our bags and hit the road out of province. But the Metepenagiag Heritage Park is starting to prove everyone wrong.

Exploring your own backyard

I always found it funny how far people believe they need to travel in order to see real wonder and beauty. But, truth be told, you're closer than you think. I traveled over 4,000 kilometres to live in a country that, for me, was magical, full of culture and held the most beautiful landscapes I've … Continue reading Exploring your own backyard

I Got the Blues, Babe

Such soul-searching melodies came echoing through the busy streets of Dublin, pulling passersby into the unique world of music, speaking in a distinctly beautiful tongue in which everyone immediately became fluent. This infamous busker may have been singing the blues, but there was nothing but smiles lining Grafton street as pedestrians stopped to watch him … Continue reading I Got the Blues, Babe

Good times never seemed so good

Today is a great day. A new baby cousin has joined our family. I visited my daycare kids. I have the day off work. My Facebook page has more than 500 likes. I'm planning another travel excursion. The Blue Jays hold on for another round. Football Stars bought a hotel for the homeless to sleep … Continue reading Good times never seemed so good

Paddy’s Day: On Stage with Dropkicks

As many of you have read in my blog post, "The Best Day of My Life, Also Known as Saint Paddy's Day," my experience in Dublin on this holy day was absolutely incredible. Getting on stage with the Dropkicks, meeting them afterwards and singing along to one of my favourite songs definitely took the cake … Continue reading Paddy’s Day: On Stage with Dropkicks