Castletown House

Castletown is Ireland's largest and earliest Palladian style house located in Celbridge, Co. Kildare and built between 1722 and 1729 for William Conolly - the wealthiest politician in Ireland. While William Conolly didn't spend much time at the house himself, it remained in the hands of his descendants until 1965 when the house was purchased … Continue reading Castletown House

I Got the Blues, Babe

Such soul-searching melodies came echoing through the busy streets of Dublin, pulling passersby into the unique world of music, speaking in a distinctly beautiful tongue in which everyone immediately became fluent. This infamous busker may have been singing the blues, but there was nothing but smiles lining Grafton street as pedestrians stopped to watch him … Continue reading I Got the Blues, Babe

The Blarney Stone and Its Gift of Gab

The Blarney Stone is one of the most prominent and frequented tourist attractions in Ireland. Many tourists have traveled from far and wide to kiss the legendary stone for over 200 years, as it has been said that whoever kisses the Blarney Stone shall gain the “gift of gab.” Famous men, such as Oliver Hardy … Continue reading The Blarney Stone and Its Gift of Gab

18 Withdrawals Ireland-lovers Will Suffer From

I’ve officially been home in Canada for six whole months. SIX. I love my country, I truly do, but my heart still aches for Ireland. When I close my eyes, I’m still walking along the river Liffey having a bit of craic and soaking up all things Irish. I can’t believe I’ve been home almost … Continue reading 18 Withdrawals Ireland-lovers Will Suffer From

Avoca Handweavers

If I could pack up this shop and bring it home with me in a very Poppins-esque manner, I would. And was I ever tempted to try. If you’re looking to bring home some truly Irish souvenirs, stop in at Avoca. As a family-run Irish business and one of the world’s oldest surviving manufacturing companies, … Continue reading Avoca Handweavers