Lessons I’ve learned in 2015: Coming home again

As is tradition, with a new year comes reflection, and 2015 has proven to be a hell of a year for life lessons. Some of these are obvious, clichéd, we’ve-heard-it-all before lessons, while others are specific, awkward, saving-the-world-from-having-to-go-through-the-same-embarrassment lessons. Either way, they’re all valuable ones to know through the ever-growing stages of your life, and … Continue reading Lessons I’ve learned in 2015: Coming home again

Good times never seemed so good

Today is a great day. A new baby cousin has joined our family. I visited my daycare kids. I have the day off work. My Facebook page has more than 500 likes. I'm planning another travel excursion. The Blue Jays hold on for another round. Football Stars bought a hotel for the homeless to sleep … Continue reading Good times never seemed so good

What’s Next?

I used to think that everything was predestined. That the “he,” “she,” or “other” who is sitting atop the clouds in the big, blue sky had everything already sorted out for us. That they had a plan, and whatever decisions we made, we made them in a way that would lead us to exactly where … Continue reading What’s Next?

My Nectar List: A Year in Ireland

Today is my 23rd birthday, and there’s just something about it that seems so definitive. We all seem to pause at these milestones, reflecting on what has passed and anticipating what has yet to come, but all I have been able to think about these last few days are the things that I currently don’t … Continue reading My Nectar List: A Year in Ireland

Gina in Wonderland: Week 25

Since returning to Ireland, after spending eleven days back home in Canada, two things have become absolutely apparent to me. One: at the end of this month, I will be halfway finished my job as an Au Pair for the Comiskey family; and two: I really need to get a move on and see all … Continue reading Gina in Wonderland: Week 25