All Aboard the Hogwarts Express: The Harry Potter Warner Bros Tour

The main highlight of our visit to London was traveling to Leavesden to tour the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios. That’s right! The most magical place in the world where all eight Harry Potter films were shot on location. Everything we saw and everything we learned was authentic and directly from the creators of the … Continue reading All Aboard the Hogwarts Express: The Harry Potter Warner Bros Tour

London Calling

Arriving in London after what was already a long journey, we braved the tube and minded the gap to reach our hostel just outside Earl's Court. Having never used the tube, we had a late start to the night having rode the Piccadilly line all the way to Ashtown Quay only to realize we messed … Continue reading London Calling


My friend, Rachel, and I planned a big trip for when she came to visit me over Paddy’s Day: 4 days in Ireland, 2 days in Scotland, and 3 days in London. It was an absolutely incredible journey, but the only thing I regret about it is that we didn’t have enough time in Scotland. … Continue reading Scotland

Scottish Bagpipes

After leaving the Edinburgh Castle in Scotland, we headed down the Royal Mile to explore Old Town. Along the way, we heard bagpipes echoing throughout the streets. Following the music, we were led to this fellow playing the bagpipes in the street. Of course we had to stop for photos and videos: one of the … Continue reading Scottish Bagpipes

I AMsterdam

A lot of what makes your experience when traveling to a new city is noticing the feeling you get while you’re there. Not surprisingly, the feeling I got when I was in Amsterdam was super freaking chill. The atmosphere here is so relaxed and so happy, you’re wondering if everyone is on drugs. And then … Continue reading I AMsterdam