The Beat to Free Your Soul: City and Colour in Moncton

Have you ever had a song move you in a profound way? Have you ever heard the powerful strum of the guitar or the instinctual beat of the drum and feel a pulsating rhythm respond deep inside your chest? That's exactly how City and Colour made me feel, and in a sea of people with cameras in hand trying to capture a moment they were ironically missing, it was during their song "Hope for Now" that we all seemed to stop and collectively stand in awe of what was transpiring on stage. Because in that moment, that's exactly what we all had: Hope for now.

Metepenagiag Heritage Park

Many New Brunswickers believe that in order to have a deep, cultural experience, we need to pack our bags and hit the road out of province. But the Metepenagiag Heritage Park is starting to prove everyone wrong.

20 Canadian Landscapes You Must See To Believe

Instagramers share their most incredible footage of the Great White North and its natural beauty.

Exploring your own backyard

I always found it funny how far people believe they need to travel in order to see real wonder and beauty. But, truth be told, you're closer than you think. I traveled over 4,000 kilometres to live in a country that, for me, was magical, full of culture and held the most beautiful landscapes I've … Continue reading Exploring your own backyard

Supply and Command: Trailer Park Boys in Bulk

When I first came to Ireland, I assumed people would associate me with the essentials of Canadian stereotypes, throwing blanketed facts of igloos, hockey and maple syrup my way. But every time I told someone I came from the Great White North, their thoughts unexpectedly sprang to three vital Canadian treasures: The Trailer Park Boys. … Continue reading Supply and Command: Trailer Park Boys in Bulk