Be Heard


Gina Alward, creator of The Here and Wow

I first started this blog when I moved to Ireland in 2014, as a way to keep everyone back home up-to-date on all of my travel experiences. But through all of your continued love and support, The Here and Wow has since grown beyond what I envisioned, giving me a creative outlet to express my opinions, share my experiences and relate with others who share my passion.

Your input for this blog is therefore highly regarded and would be greatly appreciated in writing posts that relate most to you, the reader. Whether you’re offering advice, sharing your opinions or simply looking to chat, anything you’re willing to send, I’d be more than happy to read.

Thank you for reaching out, and always remember to live in the Here and Wow !

Gina Alward

For further inquiries, or if looking to get in touch, you can find me at:

Linkedin: Gina Alward

Twitter: @GinaAlward

Instagram: @ginaalward

Snapchat: ginaalward

Pinterest: GinaAlward

Facebook: The Here and Wow


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