Many New Brunswickers believe that in order to have a deep, cultural experience, we need to pack our bags and hit the road out of province.

But the Metepenagiag Heritage Park is starting to prove everyone wrong.

While the Heritage park offers a number  of activities tours and experiences of Mi’kmaq culture, it was the musical stylings of singer-songwriter George Paul that really peaked my interest.

With each song, George would share stories of Mi’kmaq culture and how its people lived vibrantly within the community, using song and dance to celebrate each milestone of life and giving thanks. He shared with us a deep, personal connection to Mi’kmaq culture, teaching us that it is through music that they offer gratitude to the earth each time something is taken for their survival, such as food, water or shelter. It is through this thinking that the Mi’kmaq hold a strong bond to what they call “Mother Earth.”

It was in this moment that I felt inspired by this inclusive culture, having a deep appreciation for this gracious and self-sufficient community. While this is only a small clip of our day at the Metepenagiag Heritage Park, you can check out my extensive review online at July 9th, 2016. 


Metepenagiag Heritage Park

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